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Emmanuel Dalton, aka Sumosui is a rare breed of mythical musical beast. With 20 years experience in digging, curtains, Doing and editing under his belt. He calls earth his home, and roams the 5 continents sharing his deep love for joyous music.
The last 2 years took his music to 4 Continents, many different countries and many gigs worldwide.
His genres are too many to list, but span the full Tropical and African diaspora, as well as being rooted in Afro-American/Black music traditions.
This translates to crossbreeds of Global Funk, Tropical-Disco, Afro-Boogie, South African Synth, Afrobeat, Kompas, Gwo Ka, Cadence, Calypso, Roots, Hip Hop, House and beyond.
With projects soon multiple well established label taking form in the coming months, expect to see this name appear on your horizons more and more.
In short Sumosui brings the sounds to make you smile and Shake Your ASSets!

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Ti tropique

Les mixtapes de printemps ont une sonorité spéciale : elles annoncent l'arrivée du soleil et l’avènement d’un rituel indispensable à l’existence de…